Gateway to Enlightenment

Catch the vibes!


6 Responses to “Gateway to Enlightenment”

  1. John Panama Says:

    It works but you gotta WORK it …

  2. John Panama Says:

    The very nature of love itself – true love – is UNCONQUERABLE AND IRRESISTIBLE. To transmit that love is to have it go on gathering power and spreading itself, until eventually it will transform everyone it touches. Humanity is going to attain a NEW MODE OF BEING AND LIFE THROUGH THE FREE AND UNHAMPERED INTERPLAY OF PURE LOVE FROM HEART TO HEART, because of such work and the work of the AMEN which is the OM.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    hey is this really jp? that would be cool …

  4. Don James Says:

    Some say to see the glass full rather than half empty. That the world is a lovely place if you see it that way. But that would be selective seeing which I guess people have to do. But the world is a mess, sorry to tell you and we need to become deeply enlightened so that we can enlighten others and change the general level of consciousness. This has always needed to be done and will always need to be done so get cracking!

  5. Chela77 Says:

    I really tend to doubt that that is John Panama posting, but who knows? Evidently Petros is friends with this guy as he has put some of his teachings up on his website (see “Infinite Spirit Sutra” and “Mahalila Sutra.”) Still, Petros actually responds to people who contact him unlike Mr. Panama (actually no one even knows how to get in contact with Panama or even if he’s still alive or not), and you need that sort of give and take with a guru in order to grow.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    The world is definitely transiting through some changes but with awareness and practice it is we who will change it little by little.

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