time to eWaken is now

isn’t time YOU awoke to expanded consciousness?

come join the adventure


5 Responses to “time to eWaken is now”

  1. BlogAnon Says:

    i’m ready man … expand my conscousness !

  2. Don James Says:

    ok, ‘bloganan’, what you gotta do is examine every thought as you have them and listen for how it changes your energy. That kind of attention will expand you. Practice some pranyama breathing as well to get a super sense of well being, it also oxygenates your brain which makes it think clearer. See Amma and other enlightened gurus and really try and surrender into their energies.

  3. Chela77 Says:

    The time to awaken (umm, sorry, “eWaken” lol) is ALWAYS now. “You don’t have TIME, NOW is all you got,” as Petros has said.

  4. bloganon Says:

    cool … conscousness is expanding already – !

  5. chela77 Says:

    Examining thoughts is endless — they all come from the same place! LOL

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