Hindu tribesmen convert to Buddhism

MUMBAI (Reuters) – About 50,000 Indian low-caste Hindus and nomadic tribespeople converted to Buddhism before a vast crowd on Sunday in the hope of escaping the rigidity of the ancient Hindu caste system and finding a life of dignity.

Monks in orange and saffron robes administered religious vows to the converts as about half a million spectators, mostly Buddhists, cheered the ceremony at a horseracing track in downtown Mumbai.



3 Responses to “Hindu tribesmen convert to Buddhism”

  1. So, here’s the thing. Awakening is NOT a religion. It’s WHAT’S INSIDE YOU. Even right now! See, Buddha did not come to start a new religion. He worked within the confines of the religious traditions of his time — not without his unique spin, of course. While I can’t blame these folks for wanting to convert, in this case, as in most cases of conversion, there are SOCIAL issues involved, rather than a commitment to pure awareness. That is always an individual concern.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I like it where you wrote someplace, that “you’re on your own in enlightenment, but the WHOLE UNIVERSE helps you in your aloneness.”

  3. chela77 Says:

    Buddhism and Hinduism are very similar at root, but the difference came with Buddha’s “anatman” versus the Hindu “atman.” But the awakened one sees it all the same.

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