Beyond light & dark (Grant)

The aim of the initiate is to penetrate to the other side of the Tree of Life so that he passes between light (LUX) and dark (NOX). How then do things appear? They do not. When all objectivity is dissolved in the Night of Time, the Night of Pan, and even the Nox of Kali, the subjective universe does not remain, for the one is a function of the other and they cannot exist apart. Entry into the Mauve Zone, behind the Veil of Daath, strips the magician of his subjective self. What remains is not any thing, but rather the source of every thing, which must necessarily be no-thing. At this stage Magick is left far behind and Mysticism begins, and the experiences that occur to the Mystics are unintelligable to those who have not passed beyond the veil. Some do return from the Mauve Zone and they sometimes endeavor to point out a way. For this supreme Experience, or Experiment, all veritable religions are a preparation.

— from Hecate’s Fountain (Kenneth Grant)


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