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Neurokaotic Reprogramming II

Posted in brain control, brain enhancement, transformation on May 8, 2011 by ewakening

You have the resources you need
If you don’t have the resources you need
You have the resources to FIND the resources you need


Neuromagickal Reprogramming 1

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Some Basic Postulates of NMR

The neuromagician knows that the map is not the territory, but can affect how we approach the territory.   He knows that making a better map means he will have a better experience.

The neuromagician knows that experience has a deep inner structure, and that to learn about this structure is to be able to affect experience.

The neuromagician knows that body and mind are parts of a single continuum, and affect each other reciprocally.

The neuromagician knows that we already have all the resources we need.  He also knows that if we don’t have all the resources we need, we have the resources to find the resources we need.

The neuromagician knows that most communication is nonverbal.  We can’t not communicate.  He knows that the meaning of a communication is the response it gets.

The neuromagician knows that there is no failure, only feedback.   He knows that the solution that doesn’t work may be the solution to a different problem.

The neuromagician knows that poor judgment leads to experience which leads to better judgment.

The neuromagician lives in the present but is able to use the past (to re-evaluate) and the future (to motivate) as needed.

The neuromagician knows that to get off the rollercoaster of emotions is just a matter of objective dissociation — not identifying.

Scientific “Thinking Cap” Boosts Brain Power

Posted in brain, brain enhancement on February 6, 2011 by ewakening

Scientists have created a real-life thinking cap which works by zapping electricity through the brain. The weird-looking headgear has had extraordinary results and experts believe it could help people be more creative. The device was developed by the University of Sydney’s Center for the Mind and suppresses the left side of the brain to catalyze the more creative right side into action.

The device, which uses two electricity conductors, significantly boosted results in a simple math test. Out of a sample of 60 participants, three times as many people who wore the cap were able to complete it, compared to those who tried it without. The cap was inspired by accident victims who experienced a sudden surge in creativity after damaging the left side of their brains.

Short-term Meditation Changes Brain

Posted in brain, brain enhancement, meditation on January 23, 2011 by ewakening

Researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital had meditation study participants take part in an eight-week meditation program requiring only 30 minutes of unstructured meditation per day.  Brain scans conducted at the end of the test period showed that even within this brief span of time, changes in certain parts of the brain could be detected.  The brain scans showed that participants’ hippocampal regions had increased, suggesting an increase in capacity for memory and learning.  Also, the density of the amygdala decreased, implying a decrease in stress and anxiety.  Such studies demonstrate that the brain is highly malleable and readily responds to even short-term, light meditational discipline.


Mental Revolution (Halal)

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Just as the Industrial Revolution was powered by the need to overcome poverty, and the Information Technology Revolution is crucial for managing complexity, the world is today in the throes of a ‘mental revolution’ to resolve the global crisis of maturity.

— William Halal, from Technology’s Promise

Does generosity reward the brain?

Posted in brain, brain enhancement on December 25, 2007 by ewakening

In a neurological study cited in Science, human research subjects were placed in an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scanner and manipulated through situations in which they gave charitable donations. Some brain regions involved in reward were activated by giving, indicating that the brain was experiencing positive sensations from the act of giving.

“If you look at human financial behavior as an attempt to increase the feeling of reward,” said a neuroscientist, “then donating money makes economic sense. Look at it this way: when I’m giving to charity I’m paying for the pleasure of donating money.”

Change your brain — with meditation

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Feeling stressed or depressed? You may one day be prescribed meditation rather than medication, thanks to a study conducted by researchers from the Department of Psychology and the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Ontario.

A research team is the first to use functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to map brain activity changes in people trained in mindfulness meditation. The researchers scanned the brains of study participants as they responded to various word prompts.

People with no meditation training showed very little change in brain activity from task to task. They mostly engaged the areas along the middle of the brain such as the prefrontal cortex, which is responsible for personality and social behaviour.

But participants who had practiced meditation regularly showed a more dramatic change in brain activity when asked to move from the narrative to the experiential focus: they shifted away from the midline brain regions to areas that regulate more primitive functions such as touch, pain and temperature sensation.

“This ability to alter brain activity may explain why so many studies show mood improvements with meditation. It turns out taking a break from the middle regions of the brain, which we tend to overuse,might be just what’s needed to help you feel better,” said a researcher.