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Union of Appearance and Emptiness (Anyen)

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If we do not take the truths in union, but associate ultimate reality with wisdom and conventional reality with delusion, the inseparable view will be divided. If we separate the nature of appearance and emptiness, we have strayed far from realization of the nature of mind.

— Anyen Rinpoche, from The Union of Dzogchen and Bodhicitta


Flavor of Nonexistence (Milarepa)

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Because there is no difference between Static and Active Meditation, I have no need for the different stages in the Path. Whatever they may manifest, their essence is Voidness; there is neither mindfulness nor nonmindfulness in my contemplation. I have tasted the flavor of Non-existence; compared to other teachings, this is the highest.

— Milarepa

Phenomena Unarising (Nagarjuna)

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Neither from themselves, nor from another cause,
Not from both, nor yet without a cause –
Phenomena indeed of any kind
Are never born

— Nagarjuna, from the Mulamadhyamaka-karika

Uses of Dharma (Red Pine)

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Even though we cannot find anything real, the perception that something is real has its use – it is how we live in the world. The perception that something is not real also has its use – it is how we enter the stream of dharma. But the absence of dharmas makes progress impossible; we still need dharmas to reach the other shore. Thus we renounce self-existence and receive in exchange a body of merit (punya skandha).

— Red Pine, commentary on The Diamond Sutra

Neither subject nor object (Hui Neng)

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Unexcelled perfect enlightenment (anuttara-samyak-sanbodhi) is not found outside. It only exists when the mind contains neither subject nor object.

– Hui Neng.

Mind Not Found (Huang-po)

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Most people allow their mind to be obstructed by the world and then try to escape from the world. They don’t realize that their mind obstructs the world. If they could only let their minds be empty, the world would be empty. Don’t misuse the mind. If you want to be free of the world, forget the mind. When you forget the mind the world becomes empty. When the world becomes empty the mind disappears. If you don’t forget the mind and only get rid of the world, you only become more confused. Thus it is said all things are only mind – But mind cannot be found! When you can’t find a thing you have reached the final goal. Why run around looking for liberation?

– Huang-po, commenting on the Diamond Sutra.

Renouncing Renouncing (Chiang Wei-nung)

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By renouncing attachment to a self, we become arhats. By renouncing attachment to dharmas, we become bodhisattvas. By renouncing renouncing, we become buddhas. Thus sila is the ultimate practice.

– Chiang Wei-nung.