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Petros to Teach Class on “How to Be a Student”

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Petros will be offering a free class on the foundations of what it means to be a student of spirituality, and how one must be clear about one’s attitude toward the teacher as well as being clear about one’s own goals in the pursuit of a valid path of spiritual growth. This class will help get students off to a good start in the new year.

Date: Friday, Jan. 6, 2012
Time: 7pm


Alpha Book Center
4532 N. 7th St.
Phoenix, AZ 85017



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Resolve in this new decade to pull harder on the energies from above, to open up to more and more light & wisdom, to dig deeper and uplevel your own energies within and around you.

YES in the face of change

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As we approach the end of another calendar year, and in fact the beginning of a new decade, our thoughts may turn to the inevitability of change. When we embrace change and the challenges of a new year in our own lives, we find that our transformation is accelerated. Resistance to change does not alter its inevitability. On the path, only a continual “YES” to the processes of change moves us forward in a substantial way.

Begin with oneself (Buber)

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buber3smJust the perspective, in which a man sees himself only as an individual contrasted with other individuals, and not as a genuine person whose transformation helps towards the transformation of the world, contains the fundamental error which hasidic teaching denounces. The essential thing is to begin with oneself, and at this moment a man has nothing in the world to care about other than this beginning. Any other attitude would distract him from what he is about to begin, weaken his initiative, and thus frustrate the entire bold undertaking.

— Martin Buber, from The Way of Man According to the Teaching of Hasidism.

The spirituality of Harry Potter

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HP-deathlyharrows-smThere are still religious proponents who insist that the Potter tales are about witchcraft and should be banned. Yet those of us who have journeyed with the characters through the pages of these books know that the Harry Potter series is not really about the wizarding world. It is about the struggle of good versus evil, the power of friendship and growing into adult roles and responsibilities in serious times. There is a saying, “Religion is for those who are afraid to go to hell; spirituality is for those who have already been there.” In an earlier volume, Luna advises Harry as to why they can see the beasts that lead the carriages taking Hogwarts students to school. Both Luna and Harry have seen death, and only those who have done so can see the beasts. The Harry Potter series is not a religious pageant, as some have described the long-running comic Peanuts. Harry is growing up in a world where the stakes are high, the dangers are many, the losses are great and friendship is the greatest asset that anyone could have in any challenge.

— Cindy Bowman, Portland Spiritual Living Examiner

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Recession boosts ashram attendance

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kirtan1smA New York Times story recently described how yoga retreats and meditation programs across the United States are experiencing, in some cases, greatly increased numbers of short and long term visitors who come seeking refuge from the troubled economy or who have found that signing up for a work-exchange program is a cost effective way to spend some time between jobs while also building up their spiritual energies.

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Photo: Devotees join in kirtan signing at New Vrindaban ashram in Pennsylvania.

Ancient Sikh martial art comes to the West

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000shastarAncient but deadly: the return of Shastar Vidiya
(from the Independent UK)

Shastar Vidiya is a once-popular but today little-known fighting technique from north India that was forced to go underground when banned by the British in the 19th century, to be replaced by the mostly ceremonial “gatka” style seen at Sikh festivals. Though the art itself had been practiced prior to the emergence of Sikhism, it was the Punjabi Sikh tribes — in particular the blue-turbaned Akhali Nihangs, the elite among Sikh warriors — who honed it to its highest pitch of perfection and uniqueness.

Indian monks were the first to export Buddha’s new teachings across the Himalayas and legend has it that it was the great Indian monk and zen pioneer Bodhidharma who first introduced martial arts to the Shaolin Temple in AD 600. Bodhidharma himself is thought to have come from south India where another indigenous fighting style known as Kalaripayattu has also undergone a recent renaissance.

However, Shastar Vidiya is more than simply a fighting style. Practitioners are expected to live up to strict religious principles and honor martial codes, demonstrating the unity of body, mind and spirit that is the real essence of ancient martial arts.

Today, a handful of British Sikhs have begun teaching this art to the public in an attempt to revive it for the 21st century world. More on this story at the link.