The Infinite Spirit Sutra


Excerpts from

“We Are Infinite Spirit: A Dialogue with John Panama” (1987)

Edited for clarity and rhythm.


You’ve got to get outside of yourself
instead of getting all hung up within yourself,
narcissistically wrapped up in the snake.

You can get very lost within,
in all those little worlds.

Find yourself in everything around you.
Find yourself in the freedom of your own aura.
Come from without rather than within.

Just come from without,
in your aura,
in your space,
in everything around you.

The energy is what it’s about.

That energy is capable of charging up your mind,
transforming it and transmuting it.

That energy is the universe itself!
It’s the all embracing universe
which is right here with you and now.


Spend as much time as you need
for you to be awakening.

Spend as much time as you need
for you to be generating enough fire
to be burning up all of the wrong thoughts
so that you can be free.

Then it feels light.
It feels very clean and very free.

Focus on your heart and you say a mantra.
Say the name of God in your heart.
Pray for your heart to be blessed.

Keep focusing on your heart,
invoking the violet flame.
Say a mantra.
Do everything you possibly can
to purify your heart.

If you purify your heart
your head will be very clear
and in that clarity
you’ll find yourself.


I’m everywhere.
I’m in everything.
I am Infinite Spirit.
We are Infinite Spirit.

You’ve got to develop a similar perspective.

You’ll find it in the freedom from yourself.

Freedom from yourself!

Not more involvement in it.
Not more little explanations about it.
Not more little technical details
Not more little behavior modifications,

But freedom from it.
Just let go of it.

I’m a continuous,
delightfully dancing,
singing happy day
and the way that you find me
is through deep concentration
and meditation —
the way that you find yourself.


There’s more to you
than this little individual you have been
going through one series of nightmares after another.

There’s more to you
than just the little Narcissistic cat
who’s looking in the pool
who has all the traumas and dramas
and insecurities and power trips.

There’s all the energy that’s around,
all the energy in your aura.
There’s the space all around you.
Explore all that.

Get outside yourself.
Get free from yourself.

Discovering all the space around you,
all the energy of the universe that IS you,
is your freedom.

And that’s the truth.


To climb the mountain of self realization
is like climbing Mount Everest.
It’s a very difficult thing
and very few people really go for it.
It’s gotta be a full time thing.

It all depends
on how much you want to get out of it.

How much energy you put into it:
That’s how much you get out of it.

Most people don’t spend nearly enough time.
Most people aren’t going to get free in this life.

They’ll touch on it, but they’re not going to get free –
because they don’t put in what’s necessary
in order to make it happen.


The quickest and most effective way to stay awake
is to develop self-discipline.

You have to discipline yourself,
train yourself on how to be a yogi,
how to have control of your mind.
Learn how to meditate.

Learn how to have control of your mind.
And once you have done that, take a vision quest.

Purify everything in your mind using the Violet Fire.
Cleanse your heart by chanting Hare Krishna.

And awaken,
and open,
and deepen
and illumine yourself
through Raj Yoga,
through the pattern.

It takes also chanting
it takes also learning how to be playful.

Take the time to make it all sacred.


It must be in a place where there really is purity
and genuine reverence for God,
and genuine respect for God,
and genuine respect for the names of God
as being also God —
because God has incarnated as those names,
so that you can have easy access to them.

Do the best you can
and then God will take it from there.

And in the process of doing the best you can,
you learn how to make things sacred.

And you’re learning techniques,
and you’re learning to chant,
and you’re learning all the other things.

Do the best you can
and then prostrate to God’s grace,
and he’ll carry you the rest of the way.


It’s important to be in the right environment.

It depends on who you hang out with,
where you hang out,
what you do –
everything that you do adds up.

Every single action
has a reaction.
Every single action
is making an impression in the ethereal,
and is either qualifying you
or disqualifying you
for more help and support.

If you’re doing the best you can,
the most that you can,
then you’re gonna pull in more;
you’re gonna qualify
for more help and support.

If you’re doing the best you can,
doing the most you can,
and then turning to God
after you’ve done the best you can
and the most you can
and asking him,
with his Grace,
to help you,
then you’re doing what’s correct.


God has created the names of God, like Hare Krishna,
so that you can have direct communication with him.

The whole thing of history,
of all the prophets,
of all the wise men,
of all the gurus,
has been the bringing of God’s name to the Earth.

The chant is actually an incarnation of God.
The sound actually has God incarnate in it
to where it’s overflowing onto this level
in a very simple, right-here kind of way.

What we’re involved in is vibration.
Vibration is sound.
All of this is.
All of life is.

To say the name of God
is bringing the highest vibration possible,
directly into your heart
and into the center of your being.

And that has a profound effect on your vibration.
People don’t realize what an effect it has.

God is existing with his imperfection.
He’s healing it and hanging out with it
and being with it and understanding it.

It’s a part of himself,
just as much as the perfect part of himself.

God created a sonic.
And in this sonic, he imbued himself.
He moved into it and became it.
And thus he made it a very holy thing.
And he called it his name.

God incarnated as his name.
He became his name.
He and his name are the same thing.

You’re talking about an extremely powerful,
sacred, holy, and divine force,
all imbued in one series of sonics.

He’s incarnated in every name of God on the planet.
He’s incarnated IN those names, AS those names.

And that’s what it says in the scriptures
and that’s what the sages have said for a long time.

Your business, as an adept or chela,
is to find the name of God that works for you,
and become one with it.


Who you are works,
if you give yourself a chance,
if you stop playing in the pool,
if you stop playing in the reflection.

Every single person has within him
the highest, unbelievable potential.

What it’s all about
is the development of that potential.

Day after day,
On everything that comes up,
On every single focal point you have,
Invoke the Name of God,
Until there is nothing left to clean up.

It’s very important to continue to purify yourself,
to get more into the Name,
and more into the flame.
The flame of God is what purifies you.

Go towards the flame.
Go into the flame, and let it purify you.
Then your consciousness is clean.

Focus with the Name of God on your heart,
And it cleanses your heart.

Take what I’ve said,
take it seriously,
take it deeply,
and apply it.

How well you work on yourself
affects the whole planet.
You must become an advanced inner worker.


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