The Mahalila Sutra


Mahalila Sutra by John Panama

This is a Mahalila of God.

Spend your time meditating,
listening for your click,
chanting the names of God,
pulling on the power from the Universe.

You can pull God through anything,
if you want it badly enough.
If you put in enough intensity.
If you devote yourself full time,
as much of the time as you can,
and let God do the rest.

Look deeper.
Pull harder.

God incarnate as his name,
pulls the strongest power
from the highest vibratory realm
and will lift your vibratory rate
and will cleanse your heart.

The energy of the universe is always there
if you look for it.

The energy of the universe is infinite
if you want it badly enough.

Many wish for God,
but few devote the inner energies
to make it happen.

There is a lack of awake beings on this plane,
there is a lack of aware beings on this plane.

Make yourself of use to the planetary work,
Go outside of your petty limited self,
and you will light up.

The inner is a vast place,
and you can get lost in yourself –
chant the name of God in your heart
and your vibrations will elevate you
into the right place to receive the most power.

Cleanse yourself with the mantra,
the name of God;
pull from on high
and you can take people directly into God.

The spirit is about right company;
hang out with those who are in the path of transformation
and you will find your consciousness transformed.

Right company is the strongest force shaping our awareness.
Right company will keep you in the center of the Work.

Go on a vision quest.
Go on the road.

Be open to whoever you can serve spiritually on the road;
follow where the Light calls you.

You will be brought to those who will be able to share the truth
with you, from you, and from God.

Connect with others on the path,
and don’t split the energies –
just be relatable.

You’ll never know
how deep you go
until you do these things –
open up,
cleanse your heart,
offer up your ego.

Speak directly to God in everyone you meet.
Consciously direct love to every person
and situation you encounter.

This is a Mahalila of God,
a great play of God.

God is everything.
Give up everything for God –
Ego, belongings, everything.
And you will know God.


3 Responses to “The Mahalila Sutra”

  1. Very Nice. I feel your love, it is a good path, thank you for that posting.

  2. This about sums up what JP taught me and oteres

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